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Dec 17, 2012 10:00pm EST
. studentssat other newtown, connecticut schools, will return to school tomorrow. many maryland schools 3 brought in counsslors to alm the fears of students.meeinda roeder explaiis how the connecticut shooting may lead to ssmm hanges in policy. poliiy. 3 13:52:03 "what haapened in connecticut is gonna impact evvry school ii this ountry. probably around the worrd." (shots of binders) howard county schools have long had a weekk.. they'reereviewing and -3&ppracticinggttat plan.stilll.. unexpected tragedy. - like the mass shootings in newwown. 13:49:35 "areeyou ver fully prepared for that? no."((ile of owco school))chillren aa & young as kindergaaten are concerned about whaa happened in connncttict. so howwrd counny teachers are aavised to not too's a trrcky & balanne..3:55:38 "it's sure that we're not prooucing more anxiety by ontinuinngto talk aaout it."school officiall in baltiiore coonty - face the sameefears.& 15:27:10 "we new that kids were gonna have questions. emeneeary kids were gonna ave puustions aad we wanted too &pmake sure psycholooisss and answwe those questions."(fil
Dec 18, 2012 10:00pm EST
military- styleeweapons. the national rifle association broke it's silence today aboot the connecticut &pshooting.... saying its members are " sookedd saddened and heartbboken" by the murders. murders.the nation's largest gun rights group is also pledging " to help make sure thii never happens again" ann nference set for friday. o'malley says he planstt introduce bills aimed at preventtng mass shootings like that one that happenne last week..ohn rydell explains what thegovernor s eeeingg.. seeking... (governor) "i thhnk we have too manyyguns and i thhnkkwe have too much killlng." governor o'malley &pccnnectiiut..e's upset....hat congress...allowed a federal ban on assault 2004.(governor) a soldier on a battlefield r - on a law enforcement officer." so the gooerror...says he's exploring...three prevent mass shootings.they include a review of school safety standards...biils to limii or ban assault weapons... anddhow police review mental seeking to buy guns. ose & (governor) "the proper amount of notifications between mental health nd those hat pcreen
Dec 29, 2012 10:00pm EST
massacre two weeks ago. 3 private donationssare 3&pnewwown. david ariosto was in connecticut alking with police who are working to get unwanted guns out f homes and away from criminals. criminals. 3 william porter says he's done with guns. the elemmettay school shooting in nearby nerve. "mm wife cried. i was shopping and e hearr it while &pwe were in the store and she cried. you know its wrong." - porter is urning over his &phhndgun to police in connecticut's moss popullus &pcity...part of bridgeport's -3plrgest gun buyback evvr. and with well over a huudree thousand dollars in private donations, police aae takiig the weapons no questions asked. i know thht every guu -3we 3 takk in is one ess gun that &pchildren. ore than one hundred uus haveebeen collected in each of the first mmlted own. but with millions moreescatteeed acrrss the u-s, can buybacks--like this one--make a dent? these guns ccuud have created & victims and we know that f we can reduce the number of weapons that arr available by - preaking intt people's houses safer societyy bridgeeort's police chief ayssan attempt 3 buyya
Dec 22, 2012 10:00pm EST
township ewa roman reporting. 3 morr han a -3 wwek after the connecticut school hooting...there's still a heightened awareness offseccrity among many school teacherss 3 t a guunranne in arkansaa, manyyeducators aae n a mission to sharpenn their skills. te range is now offering teacherss free classes on concealed weapons.....ann so far, more &pthan fffty teachers have pigneddup. 3 ""eachers go to the grocery store. they go to the placee outside of school and are recognized. so they sttll need to protect themselves." 3 arkansaa lawmmker is now drafting proposed legislatton whhch would give ttachers the right to carry guns at school. 3 while many kidd are anticipating what santa will of them has deeided what he will bringgto others. oo the victims of the sandy wyatt williams suggested to his mother that she use hiss christmas money to help - animals. so wwatt donattdd26 items including food ,toys and also a check to the baltimore humane society. -3 3 "i couldn't believe that my son came up wwth this and that he was doing something that wwuld always be remembbred and it was ssmet
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4